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- Single Structured Coaching Session

A structured Coaching Session with Michelle focusing on the intervention of your choice. (90mins)

Possible Focused Interventions:

  • Results Clarification session (get clear on the results you want)
  • Systems Creation & Planning session (design systems to deliver results)
  • Personal Curriculum design session (design a personalised curriculum to reach your goals)
  • Values TRACK session (align values and remove values conflicts, connect to passion & purpose)
  • Shadow Values session (change old habits, create new habits)
  • Universal Freedom session (free blocks, release trapped emotions, clear old issues)
  • SoulRetrieval session (where a significant life event has caused limiting beliefs to be formed)
  • Resource Anchor session (to set up powerful states to assist in breaking through habitual responses or to prepare you for challenging events)
330.00 AUD

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