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July 2019

Howdy beautiful people,

It's the end of the month and so it's time for some Hot Tips & Cool Resources...but first...



This past four weeks has been a really fun and social time for me, which is ironic and cool given the topic of today’s Hot Tips article, but I’ll get to that in a minute…

Birthdays, dinners, friend-dates at local cafes, weekly social tennis, dancing, and even a party in the park…yep July has been jam-packed with social catch-ups, and I’ve been loving connecting with the gorgeous people in my life.

Having a thriving social life is key to success in all areas of your life. Part of our purpose, is to connect with others and share this crazy journey through life!

For that reason, (and because it just feels like the Universe has chosen “Social life” as the theme for July), I wanted to take a moment and ask you:

  • How is your social life? Are you happy with your friendships? Are they fulfilling, nurturing and fun?
  • Have you had any bust-ups that you're struggling to get over? Or is there someone toxic you need to break-up with?
  • Are you as confident as you want to be in meeting new friends? Would you like to develop greater social mastery?
  • Would you like to up level your skills in this area to enhance your career or business success?
  • Is your social life being neglected right now? Or are you neglecting other aspects of your life and partying way too much?! (You may want to check out my Cool Resource below)



Getting dumped by a friend can be painful, upsetting and confusing. It can really damage your confidence and sense of self-worth...but it doesn't have to...

So how do you bounce back and learn to thrive after being dumped by a friend. Well, this happened to me recently, so I decided to write about my experience and how I overcame it with some simple mindset hacks...

Read it now…



Does your life feel out of balance? Do you suspect that some areas of your life are being neglected? Are you feeling unfulfilled but not sure why? 

This is where today's Cool Resource can help you. I call it the 'Life Fulfilment Wheel' and it can help you get the balance back in your life lightning fast.







Download the PDF and work through the simple and fun activity that's outlined for you.



For my kickass coaching clients, click here for a summary of the book 'Captivate' by Vanessa van Edwards, and learn to master your social life.




Until next month, get out there and enjoy your friendships, create more confidence, and slay your social life!

Michelle :)



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