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June 2019

Hello you beautiful person,

It's the end of the month and so it's time to feel inspired as I share my Hot Tips & Cool Resources with you - but first...



Woot woot! We have reached the middle of 2019... I hope you have had an amazing first half of the year and a fabulous, growth-full time through June!

Over the past month, my major focus has been updating my website. I'd love to say it's exactly where I want it to be - but there's still work to do! I am happy with my progress, and I'm getting closer to my vision of a website that is a valuable resource for people; full of lots of interesting and useful info!

It's been a massive creative project for me, since I decided to build the website from scratch. Having never built a website before, I'm pretty chuffed with the result. I have to confess it took me quite a while to learn the skills I needed to get the results I wanted. 

When I started the new website over 18 months ago, I remember how exciting yet overwhelming the task seemed. At times the progress has been painstakingly slow. There were moments where I contemplated asking someone qualified to just finish it...

However, that felt like quitting! Also, I'd been down that road before, of having a website designed for me. It was great. But, "been there, done that". This time, I really just wanted to learn something new, and have complete creative control.

You can check it out here.

It's an awesome feeling to get competent at a completely new skill. And being the middle of the year, this is a great time to reflect back and focus forward:

What challenges have you undertaken in the last 6-months?

What new skills have you tasked yourself with learning?

Where have you been rewarded by stepping out of your comfort zone?

Finally, what skills or knowledge do you most need to get to help you move your career, business or personal life forward? 

I'd love to hear, so let me know...



Do you feel like you are not making REAL progress on your life, business or work goals? Are you rushing from one thing to the next without any breathing space, clarity or enjoyment? Do you wonder where the time has gone at the end of the day or week?

My latest article shows you how to get more purposeful in your efforts, and experience increased happiness, energy and success as a result...

Why Purposeful Productivity Is Sexy + 35 Super Simple Strategies To Achieve It.



Sticking to the productivity theme, here are my favourite productivity apps...

MeisterTask is a fantastic task/project management app. I think it's the best available. The free version keeps me happy, but there's advanced versions if you want to collaborate and integrate! I love that you can track time spent on big projects, create checklists within tasks and easily duplicate tasks you do regularly!!

Be Focused (Pomodoro Timer) app helps me stay focused and reminds me to take regular breaks. You can adjust the working time and break time to suit you (e.g., I have mine set to 45mins for work, then 5 mins for the short break and 10 mins for the long break). It's free, got great options, and it'll help you get more done.

In this month's article I talk about how I complete a weekly review every Sunday evening, which assists me to reflect on progress made towards my priority tasks, to review my vision, record my wins, and contemplate and challenges. DayOne is the journalling app that I use to do this.


Other apps that are essential to my Productivity Plan include:

Dashlane - Incredible password generator & manager; this app has reduced so much stress and time-wasted on trying to come up with passwords. I've also heard LastPass is good.

Todoist - Amazing to-do list app.

Evernote - I use Evernote to record all my ideas, to take notes, to save websites, pdfs, images, business cards; it's help me get everything important out of my head and into a super-smart searchable app, so my brain is free to do more thinking and have more fun!

AnyList -  I use this app to keep list for things like shopping, travelling, events, so I never forget a thing! Items are easily added, you can add quantities & prices and filter on stores, so when I'm off to Bunnings, I can see what I've got to buy at a glance.



Earnest Hemingway who said:


‘Never mistake motion for action.’  

Remember, no  matter what challenges or personal struggles you are facing, you can always maintain a strong mindset. That's something you always have control over.

Michelle :)



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