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September 2019

Howdy friends,

It's the end of the month and so it's time for some Hot Tips & Cool Resources...but first...



Life is always teaching us something. at least that's how I see it. And one thing I have really been learning over the past few months is the need to keep finding the balance between effort/action/ambition and patience. 

It comes back to a central principle that I live my life by these days - focus on what you can control and accept what is beyond your control.

A few things have been beyond my control lately. A metaphorical "seed" I planted back in January, and had expected to bloom in March, ended up taking 6 months longer to mature into reality.

At times it was hard to accept that things were taking so long. So I had to keep reminding myself to keep my attention on the things I could actually do something about - which wasn't much (as is usually the case). 


In late August, I was powering through life, until I caught a head cold. Then, a few days in, I cracked a rib from the intensity of the coughing. Those two events put all the goals and ambitions I had in mind for Aug-September on hold.

Experience taught me to accept, as much as possible, that this is just how it is. It wasn't the month I was planning, and I didn't enjoy being unwell, but I also knew that being at odds with "what is" only creates more suffering.

Some things had to fall by the wayside. And I've only managed to get to the urgent and important in the past couple of weeks. But, almost 6 weeks later and the good news is I am almost fully mended.

Maybe you can relate? Let me know what life has been teaching you this past month.



In this months' article I explore patterns of thinking that have a big impact on your happiness and health. Read it now...

Got a topic you want me to write about...send me an email and let me know.



If you want to know more about "focusing on what you can control" - then check out this little resource over on my website.

Business Resources

Canva - I use this app all the time to create documents like the resource above, and I also use it to create all my social media posts and so much more.

WordSwag - is an awesome app for adding text to images or coloured backgrounds. You can import your own photos or use one of thousands of free images. Awesome for social media posting.






My daily skin care routine is pretty simple, but it always includes this super gentle and nourishing organic moisturiser - zk'in Rejuvenating Moisturiser 50ml - which is made right here in Australia.
"Bursting with superfoods, organic Brown Seaweed, Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera plus skin repair organic clinical active Cotton Thistle (Gatuline Skin Repair Bio) this moisturiser will not only help you tackle wrinkles and enhance your skin appearance, but help promote in-depth skin regeneration."
It seems like we might be in for a long, hot and dry summer, so this could be your new best friend.


Earlier this month, I was laid up in bed with a head cold for almost 2 weeks, so I seized the opportunity to binge on Brene Brown books.

She's got a gift for storytelling and it's all backed up by years of research. I tore through The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are - a wonderful and insightful look into how to shake off the perfectionism and live more authentically.

I am yet to finish Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. - a much more in depth book all about how to be a courageous leader.

Don't have time for reading?

If you'd like to read my Summary of The Gifts of Imperfection. You can find it under 'Documents - Book Summaries' on my private client website. 


Until next month, have a wonderful time focusing on whatever brings you fulfilment and happiness!

Michelle :)



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