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February 2019



Happy… New… Year!! 🎉🍾

Okay, so I kinda spontaneously had January off! And most of February too come to think of it. 😐 Haha. So, you’ll have to excuse my belated NY greeting…

I really do hope you had a fabulous break and that the start of 2019 has been awesome for you! I’ve missed you, but…

…turns out I needed some serious “ME-time”. Time to relax, reflect and reset for the year ahead. I thought about writing to y’all in January, but honestly, it just wasn’t in me. No part of me felt ready for that…

You see, I had intended to take most of January off, but turns out I was really hungry for quality time wth myself. As January advanced, I noticed a craving for introspective space to explore my own thoughts, dreams and plans. 

So I decided to trust what I was experiencing and schedule more time for these things - even if that meant a slower than usual start to the year.

Not sure if you’ve ever felt like prioritising YOU in a BIG way, but you were faced with some pressure (internal or external) to prioritise something or someone else??

Pretty sure most of us have felt like this at times. Right?

I reckon having “ME-time” is especially important when your job entails a lot of giving to others (which is most of us). As Eleanor Brownn said: 

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Best practice in this area would be to schedule your “ME-time” well in advance. Block out an hour per week, or a day per month, or a week each year, or whatever you need! Then tell everyone you will be “non-responsive to contact” for this period of time.

Hey, I get it - it can feel edgy to put other people on hold while you attend to yourself. It can feel downright self-indulgent. (And what’s wrong with that??)

A part of my brain was telling me “You need to be consistent, reliable, keep your commitments, get back to work” and another part of my brain was saying “I can be whoever I need to be and right now I need this!” 

I know it’s not just me experiencing this, because “self-care” and “ME-time” has been a bit of a theme with almost everyone I am coaching right now. We’ve been workshopping strategies to turn up the focus on self-nurturing…and without exception, this has been transformative for them. 

Rejuvenation, reflection, realignment, relaxation and rewards - these things are GOLD! 

Now, if you need some inspiration or reinforcement that it’s okay to prioritise YOU - check out my Favourite Self Care Quotes here.

Well, it sure is good to be back and ready to roll…I mean, it’s only February (okay, March) and the year is still young - well, youthful… 

Doesn’t matter!! 

There’s going to be a lot of ‘smashing’ content coming your way for the rest of the year! 

So let’s get started….do you recall those New Years Eve resolutions you made?? Have you turned any of those into new habits…or have all your best intentions amounted to nothing…

If the latter sounds like you then you will enjoy my “start of the year blog” 🤣🤣🤣 enjoy!



Building Better Habits.

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Laurie Buchanan who said:

“Self-care is a deliberate choice to gift yourself with people, places, things, events, and opportunities that recharge our personal battery and promote whole health—body, mind, and spirit.”



Almost everyone I talk to struggles with self-care, and as it's such an important practice, I decided to put together this list of my favourite and most inspiring self-care quotes in the hope that this gives you permission to prioritise yourself :) just click the ink above and this will download to your computer where you can add your own quotes or images, then print it out!!




Tony Robbins Awaken The Giant WithinIt took me most of November & December to read this epic book. It’s a doorstopper - imposing and chunky and absolutely choc full of incredible insights, strategies and techniques. With chapters on beliefs, decision making, mindset and how to master your emotional, physical, relationship and financial life, this really is comprehensive for anyone wanting to access new levels of personal power.


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