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In truth: I’m tired today, plus my neck is stiff, a headache is threatening, and I’m on the edge of grumpiness. I don’t want to be tired or grumpy. I want to be full of energy and enthusiasm. But my sleep routine is out and I can’t seem to get it back on track. Do you ever have nights like this...??

I try to go to bed early. But I’m wide awake. I play a relaxation mediation. 30-minutes later I’m still awake. Then I need to pee... So I get up, turn on the light, go downstairs, come back upstairs, climb into bed, get comfy again… 

And then my dog wants to pee...Crikey!! Up again. Lights on. Downstairs. Oh boy! Back in bed again. Lights out.

Okay, let's try this again...Get comfy, close my eyes…

Now there’s a gigantic moth tapping out techno beats with its wings on my window. Lights on. Catch and release the over-active moth! Back to bed… 

I finally get off to sleep sometime after 2am…and I’ll be waking up at 5am, so that’s not enough sleep by a long shot. 

It’s the sixteenth day in a row that I’ve been sleeping poorly. I know that may be nothing to some insomniacs. Still its not fun waking up tired, or going through the day feeling like you are wading through mud. 

I’ve tried resting and taking it easy. I’ve taken nana-naps in the middle of the day (but that only made it harder to sleep that night).

Sleep pattern still a mess.

But I know this won’t last. Today I will exercise and tire my body out good and proper. Today I will get to bed on time. Today I will wind down an hour before bed. Today I will stretch my body and iron out the stiffness. Tonight I will sleep.

fingers crossed emoji

Well, that’s honestly me in this moment! Despite my tiredness, I’m still turning up and giving it my best.

PS. How are you? Are you sleeping? What's keeping you up at night? Shoot me an email and let me know.

Hot Tips, Cool Resources

October 2018


Ever wondered how to get your day off to the best start and maintain your energy and focus throughout the day? Well, today I am exploring the topic of creating a healthy morning routine: how they contribute to fulfilment, wellness and success and how to get started setting up your own.


6-Steps To Creating An Awesome Morning Routine




Interested in investing but can't be bothered learning how.

You might like this clever little app.

It's called Raiz and it turns your spare change into an investment portfolio.

RAIZ Investment App




Leo Babauta (from 'Zen Habits') who said:

“Make it so easy you can't say no. 

 *This quote will make even more sense when you read the Hot Tips article!


12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos.” By Jordan B. Peterson.

Consider this one devoured. Tasty. Complex. Fruity notes. Challenging. Definitely thought-provoking and almost certainly worth re-read at some point. Overall: Some excellent suggestions for living a more fulfilled life.




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