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February 2020


Hello my Mindset Maestro's,

It's the end of the month and so it's time for some Hot Tips & Cool Resources, but first...



A truck tried to run me off the road the other day.

Well, to be accurate, he tried to merge over the top of me...

Here's me, cruising up the M3, singing along to my latest playlist. I was aware of the large truck next to me, and was patiently waiting for him to overtake.

He was taking his time with it, but you get that sometimes, so I kept minding my own business and singing away...

Then I noticed his indicator come on! He was apparently preparing to move into my lane...except he was still right beside me.

A moment of panic... 

"Why was he indicating?? Did he not see me? Was he blind?"

I liked my lane, I was going the speed limit, in the middle lane. He, on the other hand, was in the fast, outside lane.

Clearly, it was his job to overtake.

So, I was thinking, "Do your job mate, and leave me alone."

Then he actually started merging into my lane - with me still in it!!!

I hit my horn...long and hard. He must have heard it because he merged back into his own lane. (sigh of relief)

But...he kept his indicator on...and then he started trying to merge into my lane again...and this time he definitely knew I was right beside him!

What's with this guy? Is he crazy? Incompetent? A lunatic running random people off major highways? Can he not speed up by 5kph and overtake me like a normal human being.

Nope! He kept trying to merge.

I eventually had to speed up by 10kph just to get in front of him.


Fifteen minutes later, when the adrenalin had left my system and I was safely parked at my destination. I pondered the incident and realised that, apart from being a terrible driver, he was a teacher to me in that moment...

He taught me to not be shy about taking over any lane you want to take over in life.

I thought about the lane I most wanted to take over, and thanks to that crazy truck driver, I committed fully to merging into the lane of my choice, regardless of who else might be occupying it.

What lane would you secretly like to take over?

Some business niche? A certain career path or role? An Instagram influencer space? A fashion nook? A groove on your bathroom scales? What is it?

What if you got bold (or reckless) like my friend in the truck, and just started to merge into the lane you truly want...?

Ignore the rules. Overlook the obstacles. Forget what people might think...

Just decide that's where you are going! Set your intention, focus on it, take action...

Let me know how that works out for you ;)




This idea of "setting an intention" has been around for awhile, but some people still are familiar with it, or think it's some hippy, fluffy stuff...

That's probably thanks to 'The Secret' movie - which focused too much on telling people they can manifest anything they desire with the power of thought, but skipped the all important step of ___________  _______ (read my article to fill in the blanks)...

In my eyes, they led a lot of new agers astray, but hey, they got a lot of people thinking and talking about the power of the mind...

Whether you know it or not, you are already intentional in everything you do.

If you are unsure about your level of intentionality, just check out the results you are getting in any area of your life...that will give you a big clue.

My coaching clients are refining their intention every time we talk, and every time they ________ _______ (same as above)...

Need some Mindset Mojo? Then...


READ: The Power of Intention





This month, I have a super little app to share with you... 

It's called Counter+

It's very simple, but extremely powerful if used daily.

Simply choose an intention or affirmation, plug it into the app, and then use the app to count the number of times you repeat the statement to yourself.

You see, the thoughts you repeat daily, become your beliefs, and your thoughts and beliefs control your life.

Your negative thoughts and beliefs are stopping you from making the most of life! You have to practice new thoughts in order to create change.

This app will help you repeat more conscious and intentional thoughts. If you rehearse a new thought 500-1000 times and you haven't seen the difference, then I will eat my phone...

Listen, you don't have to make them 'Ra Ra' and unrealistically positive. 

Keep them grounded. Keep them clear. Keep them realistic.

And use this little app to keep those thoughts front and centre in your mind...

App Store  Google Play




The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

'Talent. You've either got it or you haven't.' Turns out, this is not true.

In The Talent Code, award-winning journalist Daniel Coyle draws on cutting-edge research to reveal that, far from being some abstract mystical power fixed at birth, ability really can be created and nurtured.

I love this book because it shows you exactly how you can rewire your brain to allow you to improve absolutely ANY ability (or lack thereof).

What would you like to be better at? Art? Music? Friendship? Thinking? Positivity? Grit? Courage? Leadership? Cooking? Relationships?

You name it...Almost everything you can think of is just a skill or ability...

Any skill can be learned (our brains are experts at it), and with enough of the right sort of practice, you can learn to master it...

Coyle teaches how all of us can achieve our full potential if we set about training our brains in the right way.

That's why The Talent Code is my MUST READ MINDSET book this month...

Read The Talent Code



A friend and I were chatting about good playlists for when you need to concentrate like no-one is watching (which they aren't). 

I had been enjoying Piano Comfort.

She was a seasoned professional and recommended a few, including Atmospheric Calm, Deep Focus and Microtherapy - it's what I have been listening to as I wrote this newsletter. 

Thanks S.L. - you're a legend!



If you want to make the shift in 2020 to a more intentional mindset, then start by reading my article above or just jump on an IGNITE session with me and I will help you take your life from average to awesome...

Tomorrow is the start of a fresh month. Yep, it's March already!

And I actually have only one, maybe 2 spots left right now. So, don't hesitate if you want to make this your moment...

Instead of focusing on how fast the year is ticking by...Get intentional about the next 31 days.

What will you create or accomplish? Who will you decide to be?

It's up to you!

Remember, make your mindset a masterpiece and your life will follow suit...

Speak soon,

Michelle xx



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