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May 2019

Hi all,

It's the end of the month and so it's time for some Hot Tips & Cool Resources...but first...



I'm quite excited about welcoming you to my first newsletter under my new logo and business name, Mindset Mentor:

I had this name in mind about 12 months ago, but before I decided to adopt a name for my business, I wanted to check in with myself and my clients and see what was at the heart of the work we were doing together. 

Offering coaching and counselling on diverse topics such as career direction, life purpose, relationships, confidence, financial health, physical wellness, inner peace, life transitions, anxiety, addictions, and more,  I was having trouble seeing a common thread that tied all these topics together. I sometimes felt under pressure to focus on just one or two neat, tidy topics, to identify a clear niche (business speak for those who care).

Funny thing about people, however, we are not neat and tidy. We are complex and highly individual, and the stuff in our life is all entwined and interconnected.

So, maybe you initially sign up to get coached on your health goals and then we find that your deeper goal is financial freedom, which can’t be separated from your career goals, which are impacted by how things are going in your family, and so on…

Or you have some massive changes happening in your workplace, which is causing you to feel intense anxiety, which leads you to question your very life purpose, which leads to us planning an exit strategy from your 9-5 day-job, so you can focus on creating a highly successful passion-based business.

I mean this is how people roll. 

So it’s no surprise, that amidst all the fun of working with all of this beautiful diversity over this past 12 months, I’d almost abandoned the idea of finding a name, and I had absolutely forgotten about this Mindset Mentor thing…

Then one day quite recently, it re-surfaced, and I realised that it was the perfect name.

I suddenly saw clearly that working on people’s mindset is such a core element to what I do, regardless of what makes someone decide to work with me.

Mindset is integral to everything you do.

If you have the right mindset, the rest is easy, and in my sessions, there is often a focus on helping people develop the optimum mindset to deal with their challenges, reach their goals, and create the life they want.

I realised that my superpower is to help people make mindset shifts that immediately generate more peace, fulfilment and success in their lives.

Ultimately, my hope is, that through this new name - you are reminded how important your mindset is to the results you create in life. In addition, I want you to know that you can upgrade your mindset any time you choose.

So that’s how the name was born. I hope you like it. And I'd love to hear your feedback - so let me know...

P.S For those who are building a business, I used this awesome Logo Making website to create my new logo. Fun, easy and very reasonable price-wise!



In line with the new business name, Mindset Mentor, this months' Hot Tips article is all about mindset and helping you to recognise the 6 Most Common Mindset Traps and How To Avoid Them.

There's some cool info, some fun visual perception tests and lots of awesome practical coaching tips!

Enjoy reading it and please leave a comment on the post telling me about your experiences, or just hit ‘Reply’ if you have any questions for me.



If you're keen to learn more after reading my mindset article, then check out this mindset quiz:

Mindset Quiz

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Brian Tracy who said:

“Look for the good in every situation. Seek the valuable lesson in every setback. Look for the solution to every problem. Think and talk continually about your goals.” 



I'm a big fan of great films and I t's one of my favourite ways to chill. I don't usually recommend films here, but why not, right? Leave No Trace is simply beautiful, heartfelt and thought-provoking. The characters are tender, honest and raw, and the performances are superb! I might've cried once or twice...
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Have you seen it? Share your reactions with me? I'd love to hear...


Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain

This book really needs to be read by everyone. It's simply and poetically written. Not a lengthy or strenuous read - but absolutely life changing material.

Haven't read it? Here's you copy (just click the image to download the entire book) . Enjoy!

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Until next month, have a wonderful time focusing on whatever brings you peace, fulfilment and happiness! And if you know someone who needs some mindset coaching - please forward them this newsletter :)




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